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Looking Into the Past – Pictures of Our History

flip-book-birthday-invites-1Last year my family took a vacation. We managed to put together a plan and fight the world back enough to take a vacation. Crazy right?! I will say this though, we took it after vacation season had ended and the weather turned sour, but at least we can say we took a vacation. For an entire week we watched it rain and enjoyed being stuck inside somewhere besides our house. No pity necessary, we did get some sunshine and did manage to play at the beach a few times. All in all it was a huge success! Quick back step, as a reward for a great year prior I bought my wife a “nice” camera with our tax return money prior to our vacation. With that in mind, one can only imagine how many photos were taken over the course of a week.

Hundreds! No kidding, between my wife and I we took hundreds of photos.

Funny side story, my wife accidently deleted all of them. That’s when Super Husband managed to retrieve the data and save the day.

Today we are blessed with the access to a camera almost instantly no matter where we are or what time of the day it is. Between cameras, tablets, and cell phones almost nothing gets missed. My son’s last school performance was most likely recorded from 60 different angles. With two daughters strapped in to a double stroller my wife and sat in the back of the lunch room where the performance was being held. From where I sat I could see the stage without a problem; that was until the performance started. With the first note of the song a sea of arms went up with devices attached recording every second. It was like watching meerkats emerge from their hiding places in the ground. In front of me I watched as a lady leaned to the left because her phone’s view was blocked by a large tablet. I even found myself watching the whole performance through the screen of a tablet in front of me, I couldn’t see otherwise. I am no perfect person when it comes to my children, if I had the camera I would’ve most likely been at the back of the room, zooming in over the heads of those in front me, getting the perfect shot! And I am even willing to admit I have 300 hundred photos on my phone of my wife, son, and daughters.

Today I looked at those pictures. I was sitting in my car at lunch and had decided to flips though my photos. Picture by picture time was reversed and the days of a year ago played in front of my eyes. I watched as my daughter, only a year old and couldn’t speak barely a word, played at the playground. I watched as my son went from needing help holding a hammer to hit a nail; to needing no assistance at all for the whole assembly at our monthly Home Depot clinics. As I got closer to the pictures I took just the other day I reflected on growth of my children, reflected on the growth of our family, and took an honest look at my heart. Would you like to know what I found?

I am a blessed father and husband. I have three wonderful children that are happy, (most of the time) healthy, and smarter than I ever will be. I have a woman who showers me with her love and support every step I make (even the wrong ones).  Lastly I found that God has given me the last year to stretch, that’s right God asked very little of me last year, but tested my faith even more than the year before.

I encourage everyone when you lay your children down tonight, tell them good night and take mentally picture of your child’s face. Then pick up your cell phone and just flip through the photos.  Take that moment, that feeling, and honor God with praise.kid-sleeping

We all are the luckiest people alive; to be husbands and fathers.

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