Long Time Coming….

So to everyone that has taken the time to read a post or anyone who finds their way to this remote location of the world wide web, I first thank you for your time, and second say that I have made it past my hump.

In the next coming weeks i will get back up on the horse again and head towards the horizon.

When I started this web page i had a goal in mind, I even had a plan on how to set that goal completed. But like a horse ready to take off down the road, I had blinders on that limited me from seeing that I was tied to a fence post.

But that rope has been cut and i am free to take off. So watch out internet (mostly friends and family) here we come!

Dude You Got A WEBSITE… now what.

You ever got that itch to do something… outside your normal reality? Like take up mountain biking, go sky driving, start a blog…

That was me. That is me. Here I am.

So in my first post I talked quickly about why I started a blog, recording my history, sharing who I am, and what made me. Now how I started was by just chance. I keep an eye open around me and pay attention to little details. So I had heard about WordPress but never had a clue what it was; still don’t to be honest.  With no knowledge I did what every man should do: I went to the website and blindly signed up.  So like a man I set a goal, check. I acted on said goal, check. I completed the said task to reach goal, check. I had a blog.

So if you are reading this and thinking about making a blog let me be the first to give you the best advice ever. STOP NOW!

Take some time and think about what you want from your blog.  Figure out what you’re going to write about. Lastly do some research on building a blog and find out what service can produce the blog you have pictured in your head.

WordPress is a sweet setup and is huge compared to what I thought it was and have only good things to say about it. But the last time I used HTML was in Jr. High School to make my geocities website. So with that being said, if you find yourself here with me in these beginning days and see the theme changing every ten minutes, be patient please.

So now what! As I said to in the beginning. Now begins the task of building, sharing, and worst of all remembering the details that will make this blog.