Love Note on the mirror

I could get lost in your eyes forever and live amongst your soul.

E. O’Brien

Wedding Days

I remember that moment, when you walked in to the room

I remember a feeling washing over I had never felt before

I remember my heart stopping as I looked at you

And you smiled551535_563599023658335_289099154_n

That was all I needed, all I would ever need

Your smile started my heart

Your smile washed away the world

Your smile took one step closer to forever

I love you my dear wife and always will

Have You Loved on You Wife Today?

untitledAs men I think a hard thing to do is to acknowledge our wives enough. This varies between each of us and the relationship we have with our wives, but in the end the question remains; do we notice and acknowledge our wives enough?

For me my wife needs to be acknowledged at least twice a week, or that’s what I think. Your wife may be different, and may have different circumstances then mine. My wonderful wife has chosen to be a stay at mother and has no boss or coworkers. Her work doesn’t have that feeling of being completed, shipped, or won. No, the work of a SAM (Stay at home Mom) gets repeated every day, the work is never ending, and the work comes with no raises. So my wife’s only source of praise, recognition, and appreciation is this guy. As a husband it is our responsibility to understand these facts, recognize them, and act on them.

But wait, what makes me and all four of my years of marriage so wise on the needs of marriage. In truth, it doesn’t. I did once get some great advice and I will share with you today. All of the above though was for me and is something that I have to really breakdown and institute in my marriage. I value my wife; but do I value her enough. My wife is my partner in life; but where does she fall in my priority list? When I post things on Facebook does my wife get first page or fourth page in small print?

So a pastor once shared an awesome story with our church, Clay Wills. He had a larger fellow stand in the rear of the room by the door and then pulled out a large crystal to show to the people present. This thing was huge, about the size of a soft ball, shiny as could be! He then handed to the first person and began explaining what it was. The story was about Rebecca Latimer Felton, the first woman Senator in American history. Carefully the preacher shared the story of Rebecca, how she became a senator, her role in history, and her service for 24 hours. As the story was explained and the details about the crystal were brought to life you could clearly see the change in how people held the crystal. You could watch as the people began to slowly hand the crystal off to the next person, doing everything within their power to ensure that no ill became of it. As the end of the story approached the crystal made it back to the hands of the pastor and he tossed it about with complete disregard to it worth as he began talking about its worth.

dasdaNever did he actually state that the crystal in his hand was the same that was on Rebecca Felton’s desk, we just assumed it was. With a fancy case and the big guard looking guy standing in the back why wouldn’t you assume that it was? So, each of us assumed the value of the paper weight as a prized possession without any true knowledge of what it was.

We all place value on things that are actually meaningless. But the question is what value do we place on the people in our lives? What value do we put on the relationships to mean the most to us?

I encourage every man to stop and ask yourself how much value you place on your wife.

My wife cleans my house, cooks my food, cares for my children, and honors me every day with her love. It should be the easiest thing to respond with gratitude, respect, and acknowledgement, but sometimes life rushes us so much we brush past the easy stuff.

So today when you see your wife, thank her. Remember she said yes to you once and she should be thanked for that every day.