Adoption Complete!

It has finally been completed, signed, filed, and sealed shut. That’s right we get to celebrate the newest member of our family and finally get to move past the legal dealings of yesterday.  Yes! I have adopted my wife’s son and he is now our son legally. Now, we get to dive in, focus on the journey ahead and the new challenges that face our family.

Let me say to everyone that has ever gone through any adoption process, regardless of what side you were on, you are strong and courageous.

I started this blogging journey wanting to share my thoughts and lessons as a growing father. But as I got started I realized that I wouldn’t be able to say much. The last thing I wanted to do was to say something in an angry rage in this blog and that be a road block on the road to adopting my son. Now that legal process is completed and it feels like a weight has been lifted.


I fell in love with my wife and her son almost five years ago. My wife had my son when she was seventeen and not married. The reality of the situation soon became clear over the following year and she made the decision to leave my son’s father. Not to say negative things about the man, but at the time he was making decisions that didn’t start and end with family. Fast forward a few years, a week after New Years a man showed up at my door step to serve my wife with legal documents. We weren’t ready for it, but this was the motivation we needed to get rolling in the right direction. I will get into more details in later post.

So here we are almost three years later and the adoption is complete and I get to share.

I do look forward to sharing about the process and the places mentally the process took me; and in that maybe someone will find the comfort they need.

I will finish this post saying that it took me a long time to trust God with the adoption process. I didn’t let go of the controls until a month before, but when I did it became so much easier.