Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks!

Holy bologna! My son is going on ten, oldest daughter is almost four and my youngest three!

Have you ever just had one of those moments; as a father that you look at your child and in that second realize that they have grown so much?

Maybe it is because I work away from home and my wife working from home gets to see these things everyday that she is completely aware of them. My oldest daughter Grace is three going on ten. Grace is that little girl that will ask twenty questions about why we are driving down the road. She is also the little girl that will correct you when you give her an answer that isn’t true.

Example: “Dad where are we going?”     Me:  “Going to the store.”           Grace: “Dad this is the road home, not to the store.”

But one of things that I am extremely grateful this season is growth and health. Each day I get to wake up and see my children grow, learn, and be excited about the world. Sometimes the days are not as exciting as others but even those struggles are not without some enjoyment. So as this Thanksgivings passes us by I give thanks to the Lord for the health that he has given my children, the wisdom and patience of my wife, and joys that my children fill my heart with.

I hope that  each of you have your joys to be thankful for, and remember to thank those that bring joy into your world.

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