Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks!

Holy bologna! My son is going on ten, oldest daughter is almost four and my youngest three!

Have you ever just had one of those moments; as a father that you look at your child and in that second realize that they have grown so much?

Maybe it is because I work away from home and my wife working from home gets to see these things everyday that she is completely aware of them. My oldest daughter Grace is three going on ten. Grace is that little girl that will ask twenty questions about why we are driving down the road. She is also the little girl that will correct you when you give her an answer that isn’t true.

Example: “Dad where are we going?”     Me:  “Going to the store.”           Grace: “Dad this is the road home, not to the store.”

But one of things that I am extremely grateful this season is growth and health. Each day I get to wake up and see my children grow, learn, and be excited about the world. Sometimes the days are not as exciting as others but even those struggles are not without some enjoyment. So as this Thanksgivings passes us by I give thanks to the Lord for the health that he has given my children, the wisdom and patience of my wife, and joys that my children fill my heart with.

I hope that  each of you have your joys to be thankful for, and remember to thank those that bring joy into your world.

Adoption Complete!

It has finally been completed, signed, filed, and sealed shut. That’s right we get to celebrate the newest member of our family and finally get to move past the legal dealings of yesterday.  Yes! I have adopted my wife’s son and he is now our son legally. Now, we get to dive in, focus on the journey ahead and the new challenges that face our family.

Let me say to everyone that has ever gone through any adoption process, regardless of what side you were on, you are strong and courageous.

I started this blogging journey wanting to share my thoughts and lessons as a growing father. But as I got started I realized that I wouldn’t be able to say much. The last thing I wanted to do was to say something in an angry rage in this blog and that be a road block on the road to adopting my son. Now that legal process is completed and it feels like a weight has been lifted.


I fell in love with my wife and her son almost five years ago. My wife had my son when she was seventeen and not married. The reality of the situation soon became clear over the following year and she made the decision to leave my son’s father. Not to say negative things about the man, but at the time he was making decisions that didn’t start and end with family. Fast forward a few years, a week after New Years a man showed up at my door step to serve my wife with legal documents. We weren’t ready for it, but this was the motivation we needed to get rolling in the right direction. I will get into more details in later post.

So here we are almost three years later and the adoption is complete and I get to share.

I do look forward to sharing about the process and the places mentally the process took me; and in that maybe someone will find the comfort they need.

I will finish this post saying that it took me a long time to trust God with the adoption process. I didn’t let go of the controls until a month before, but when I did it became so much easier.

Long Time Coming….

So to everyone that has taken the time to read a post or anyone who finds their way to this remote location of the world wide web, I first thank you for your time, and second say that I have made it past my hump.

In the next coming weeks i will get back up on the horse again and head towards the horizon.

When I started this web page i had a goal in mind, I even had a plan on how to set that goal completed. But like a horse ready to take off down the road, I had blinders on that limited me from seeing that I was tied to a fence post.

But that rope has been cut and i am free to take off. So watch out internet (mostly friends and family) here we come!

Wedding Days

I remember that moment, when you walked in to the room

I remember a feeling washing over I had never felt before

I remember my heart stopping as I looked at you

And you smiled551535_563599023658335_289099154_n

That was all I needed, all I would ever need

Your smile started my heart

Your smile washed away the world

Your smile took one step closer to forever

I love you my dear wife and always will

The Monday after Sunday – Last Supper, First Communion


Communion has always been an act that blows my mind and really causes me to open my heart to Jesus. I have been a Christian for almost five years now and each communion seems to have more meaning than the last. This past Sunday our pastor explored what he called the “grey Thursday.” Reading through Mark 14 12-72 we see as the Lord instructs the disciples in the first communion, predicts the betrayal, and the denial by Peter. As I listened I started to think about what it must have been like to be Peter in the middle of all the events taking place. Every time something would come up Jesus would send someone away with simple instructions and simple details.  Following those simple instructions men would find the path prepared for them. That in its self would’ve been crazy to be part of. But then I start to think about the things that have happen in my life that seemed prepared and I can’t help but to think how the Lord is preparing my steps.

Within my company I have had the fortune of moving around a lot. I started with the company working on a tooling production floor, then moved to our engineering department, then to a management position in production, then to inventory/shipping management, and lastly back to engineering. Most of this occurred in the span of a year! My high school guidance counselor would say not to put that on any resume, “it looks bad to move around so much, in such a little time.”  But I can now say that I have the experience I need to be really good at my job. If you have ever worked in the production field of anything I would be willing to bet you have said “I would like to see an engineer do this work” or “it’s easy to write these instructions staring at a screen” at least once. The people that have to complete the production of my work don’t really get to say that much because I can produce the things I engineer and I have been on the ground with my hands covered in materials; still do on most days. All of my experience comes from what the Lord has prepared for me and me stepping faithfully.

In my wife’s life it is clear as well that God has been preparing steps for her and setting up the circumstances in her favor. Being born into a large family and having to assist with the raising of her smaller siblings prepared her to be a teenage mother. As well it prepared her to be the mother my children need.

But looking at the scripture Jesus had prepared the communion so we could remember his sacrifice and renew the remembrance of the Passover. Jesus was preparing our heart, bodies, and souls for the removal of sin and just not just the acts of sin, but the nature of sin completely. John Orr, the pastor at The Stone Church, broke it down like this. We do communion to remember, remember God is the God that saves, that God is the one to forgive, and God is the only one who rescues us.

 “This is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many. 25 Assuredly, I say to you, I will no longer drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God.”

This past Sunday John touched on three scenes: The first communion and last supper, the disciples failing asleep, and Peter denying Jesus three times. Each one is a powerful scene that holds its own message. I honestly don’t think that I could relay the message in today’s blog as well as I should. So please if you enjoyed reading this take a moment and check out the Podcast @ TheStoneChurch.TV

Remembering Jesus Christ is what Easter is for and this Easter remember those around you that need that invite.

***Special Note: All of the Podcast have been corrected at TheStoneChurch.Tv so check out the ones you missed! ***